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What We Would Like To Do For You!

At The Mortgage Broker (Protection) Ltd we have one aim, which is to provide you the customer with no obligation and helpful advice with regards to your mortgage needs. The journey begins with a no obligation consultation with one of our brokers, who specialise in comparing 100’s of deals in order to meet the needs of each individual client. Our brokers will be there to assist you with finding the perfect mortgage, applying for it and then there to congratulate you at the end of the process. Advisors at The Mortgage Broker (Protection) Ltd are there for new home-owners, existing ones, those looking to reduce their monthly spending and also professional investors.

Our experienced mortgage brokers will provide you with fully regulated mortgage advice by the most suitable means for you, whether that is in person or on the telephone. The advice that is shared is frequently monitored by external compliance departments in order to ensure that our brokers are delivering the most appropriate advice for every client.

The Mortgage Broker (Protection) Ltd has your best interests at heart as we are not looking to please the lender, only you. Our mortgage brokers will search 100’s of deals from lenders across the country, looking for great rates and exclusive offers, but whilst also taking into account your financial situation as well as the reliability and reputation of the lender.

At The Mortgage Broker (Protection) Ltd we strive to provide you with an exceptional service. We want to eliminate the stress that is frequently associated with finding a mortgage, so that you can enjoy the process and then leave with a happy stance on your mortgage decisions.

Why Choose The Mortgage Broker (Protection) Ltd?

  • Our brokers work hard to ensure that they are constantly updating their knowledge on individual types of mortgage so that you are always provided with the most current and applicable information.
  • Our expertise will be delivered to you quickly and efficiently. We understand that there is nothing more annoying than being left in the dark and so we strive to ensure that this will not happen.
  • The Mortgage Broker (Protection) Ltd will be here for you for the entirety of your mortgage term.
  • We work for you, not the lender. We are completely committed to ensuring that this is what we achieve on a daily basis and we will not be seduced by potential lender benefits.

The Mortgage Broker (Protection) Ltd’s advice will be provided quickly and we will only give you information that is relevant to your circumstances because we understand how annoying it can be to undertake mortgage searches without being fully informed. We want to do what is best by you and we will show you this by finding you the most competitive rates and a mortgage deal that is going to have you jumping for joy.