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Can I get a mortgage if I’m self-employed?

Getting a mortgage or re-mortgaging when you’re self-employed in Peterborough can be a minefield. Some high-street lenders will want three years of accounts before they will consider you for a mortgage.

Here at The Mortgage Broker we’ve helped hundreds of self-employed people in Peterborough to get a mortgage. We have access in minutes to a wide range of lenders across the market, saving you time and effort shopping around. Each lender looks at self-employed people differently – some will want a year of accounts while others want more. We can give you a quick view of what the market offers and advise on the best deal for your situation.

We will support you through the whole process from understanding who will lend to you, what the best terms are to working through all the documentation needed. 

call today on 01733 306226 for a free, no-obligation chat on how you can buy a home or remortgage in Peterborough when you’re self-employed.


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