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How to get the best deals to re-mortgage in Peterborough

There are lots of reasons why home owners in Peterborough look to remortgage. You may want to raise money for home improvements, to consolidate debts or to purchase another property – maybe a holiday home or helping a child to buy their first house. You may want to remove or add a partner from the mortgage.

At The Mortgage Broker, we understand that you don’t have time to scour the market looking for the best deals and want advice on what is the best offer. Your current lender or high street bank may have said no to a remortgage, but there are a wide range of lenders out there offering many different products. We have access to a wide range of deals across the market and can advise on what will work best for your personal situation.

How many times have you found a good interest rate from a lender, only to be hit with a large fee for securing the new mortgage? We will look at each offer across the term of the deal and let you know the real cost to you. We can also provide a free valuation of your property and won’t charge you an arrangement fee.

You can rest assured knowing that our mortgage advisers provide a free, no-obligation service to take the hassle out of re-mortgaging your home in Peterborough.

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