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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Upon application a fee of up to £495 will be payable (typically £195)

An offset mortgage is completely flexible and allows the applicant to keep money – such as mortgage debt or a savings account – in separate accounts. These figures are then combined to accommodate the needs of calculating interest.

Lenders will assess an applicant’s financial situation by looking at the sum of money in current or savings accounts so that interest is only charged on the outstanding amount. In consequence, interest payments may be lowered and quite possibly, the length of your mortgage could be reduced.

How Does an Offset Mortgage Work?

  • If you have savings, you can use this capital to lessen the weight of mortgage debt.
  • Lenders who offer offset mortgages, calculate interest on a daily basis in order to make sure that each pound in your account will contribute to the cost of borrowing.
  • Flexible mortgages have much to offer. They can allow you to make payments in lump sums, borrow money, take payment holidays and also to make underpayments.

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Can You Benefit?

Offset-mortgage-Peterborough-300x232 Offset and other flexible mortgages are best suited to certain applicants as they can often come with a higher interest rate or additional fees. Therefore, it is crucial to compare such schemes against other mortgage options in order to ensure that you reap all of the potential benefits and savings, to the greatest extent.

Offset mortgages are significantly increasing in popularity, making it even more important that you seek professional advice from us, so that we can compare various mortgages for you. We want you to walk away knowing that we have found you the most suitable mortgage. Give Talk Mortgage Broker a call, you can only benefit from our no obligation advice. We want you to be delighted, not just satisfied, with our service and we are strict on ensuring that we maintain our high standards for this purpose.